How to Fall in Love with Scotland

Every day that I await to depart to Scotland is another day that I slowly grow more obsessed with the far off land. When I first heard of the country, back I don’t even know when, it only existed as a place above England. Now it is a part of my entire soul and being. Scotland is one of the most amazing countries. It serves as a home to countless myths, legends, fairy tales, and so much more. Throughout my mission of intensively stalking all information about this place available on the internet, I have fallen deeply in love. I must confess, it is near impossible not to do so.

“It is one of the most hauntingly beautiful places in the world, the history is fascinating, the men are handsome, and the whisky is delicious.” -JK Rowling

One of the most amazing discoveries I’ve made from my addiction to learning all things Scottish, is that the national animal is the Unicorn. Cue the oohs and awes, as this is true and beyond wonderful. However, the unicorn is only one animal infamous to Scotland.

The Loch Ness monster, of Nessie, is another exciting and mysterious mythical creature, residing in the Scottish lands.

Moreover, Scotland presents an exceedingly picturesque image. Not only does it have whimsical fairy pools and rolling hills, but it is also home to a plethora of breath taking castles. Since Scotland escaped the bombings of the World Wars, all these beautiful sites remain in tact.

The musical scene in Scotland is also quite lovely, with the songs of bagpipes filling the streets. Do note though, the bagpipe apparently did not actually originate from Scotland…

Another lovely stereotypically Scottish symbol is the kilt. Now, I was not too fond of kilts when I first saw them. Nevertheless, they grew on me, and I can whole heartedly promise I will be returning with one for myself, and all my family members. Traditionally, the kilt served as clothing for men and boys. However it is now worn by all genders.

Scotland also has a wide variety of sports, with its most well known being golf. However, the most unique find includes the Scottish Highland Games. Held in the Spring and Summer months, it is a festive event which celebrates the heritage of Scottish and Celtic people.

An interesting pop culture fact, is that Scotland hosts the University of St Andrews, the
place where Prince William and Princess Kate both met and attended school. The
university is also one of the oldest in the world, being founded in 1410.

More on pop culture, Scotland acts as the birth place of Harry Potter. When JK Rowling first wrote the infamous series, she resided in Scotland. Rowling still lives in Edinburgh today.

To top off the every growing list of captivating things to know about this wondrous country, Scotland’s city of Edinburgh (the place I will soon get to call home) is known as the Athens of the North.

Now, if all the above information doesn’t spark a fire in your heart to visit this fascinating place, you dear reader, have a cold soul. To any person with the capacity of feeling emotions, learning any of these things should surely fashion a budding romance.


The Travelsmith

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