High Ho, High Ho, It’s Off to Work I Go

In roughly twenty minutes, my freshly powdered face and I shall begin the short stroll to the Scottish Parliament building. I cannot believe the days of interning for the Scottish Labour Party have arrived. The past week, goggle searches for Rhoda Grant MSP and David Stewart MSP plagued my internet browser as I tried to learn everything possible about them to give me the advantage today. However, I am now realizing I should have researched a bit more about the Labour party in general. Hopefully the fact that today is technically another orientation rather than a first day of work will spare me any embarrassment from lack of knowledge.

As I mentioned just now, I discovered that I get the rare opportunity to work for not just one, but two members of the Labour Party: Rhoda Grant and David Stewart. They both represent the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and have constituencies in Inverness. I am so excited about being apart of Highland representation and culture. The Scottish Highlands are a whole other ball game, containing cultural traditions and customs so rich with history. My recent obsession and binge watching of the show Outlander also helped spark this new interest. From what I gathered, it seems as thought both MSPs are working a lot of ensure representation of the wants and needs of Highlanders. David Stewart used to do a lot of work in Social Work before working for the Parliament, so I feel as though many connections to that field may be made in his Parliament focuses.

Both MSPs also seem to dabble quite a bit in transportation issues, making sure trams and other means of transport run smoothly, and that citizens have a great variety of transport options. While it does not sound like the most exciting work, I am sure it will be interest, and if anything at all relevant considering the sheer amount of buses and trams I’ve already seen in my first week in Edinburgh. However, one is also a member of the Heath and Sport Committee. Considering health related internships consumed my past two summers, I think I will have enough understanding and experience to give me an advantage of some sort.

Nevertheless, I am so happy to begin this new chapter in my life. With a pencil skirt, collared shirt, and blazer flowing over me, I am ready to begin the descent down London Road and to the Parliament building. By the end of the day, my LinkedIn profile will be updated, reading “Myriah Smith: Scottish Labour Party Intern at the Scottish Parliament.”


The Travelsmith

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