PSA: Posts are Coming

Dear Readers,

Let me take a wee moment to apologize for the lack of content which occurred over the past two weeks. I could make excuses and blame an unstable internet connection, or fleeting inspirations, or even an inefficient amount of writing time. However, the truth of the matter is, I simply did not feel like writing. During my travels to London, Berlin, Goch, and Cologne, my interests overflowed with an almost violent desire to explore and experience everything around me. By the time the day came to a close, I was so exhausted by my adventures, that seemingly monumental effort typing would take was simply too much. The want for sleep overpowered the want to maintain a travel blog.

As I stare at the empty pages of this blog, I am filled with a slight sense of regret. But fret not, as soon entertaining stories and recollections of my journeys will send constant notifications to your email inbox. As a “public service announcement”: I will craft stories of all of my tales, and post them up as they are completed; you shall know all in due time dear reader. Patience is a virtue, which will be rewarded soon.


The Travelsmith

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