Dear America, I’m Hungry: A Love Letter

Dear America,

How are you? I would like to first take the opportunity for apologizing. I know I never truly appreciated you in the past, constantly complaining about various aspects of your populace and culture. After almost nine weeks apart from you, I must admit I am growing ever so slightly homesick… For your food.

Can I tell you, dear America, that while the coffee shops in Edinburgh are glorious, and honestly superior to your own, I have not had a decent cup of coffee the entire time I have been here. “Why is that Myriah?” you may ask. Well let me yell you: there is no coffee mate Hazelnut coffee creamer here. As you well know, I am not addicted to coffee, nor do I really need caffeine to function. But without allowing hazelnut creamer filled beverages to glitter my day, Myriah is an incomplete camper; happy, but drastically incomplete.

Also America, may I confess, I miss ranch. Carrots can only be eaten plain or with hummus for so long without the creamy, tangy, delicious dressing that is ranch. Salads remain nearly naked without the glopping of this superior topping.

Oh, and America, do not even get me started about the sad lacking of Chinese food. While Indian food here is plenty, and honestly among the best I ever tasted (shh, don’t tell Pamposh), I miss the sweet and mouth watering delicacy that is a potsticker. All the China Rooms, Legends, Dragons, and whatever other ridiculously predictable restaurant names which exist better watch out. I will be knocking down their doors demanding chow mein and various chicken dishes when I return.

As much as I despise revealing just how much of a California girl I am, I miss In N Out Burger. Never before did I identify as a lover of burgers. But when it has been two months… Let’s just say that I am not proud to admit I have had dreams about this beloved fast food stop.

Finally, oh finally, can I admit to you dear America, I miss waffles. Not Belgian waffles, which sadly are the only ones I can find here, but the beautiful heart shaped waffles of the waffle maker at my home. Delicious, thin, buttery, melt in your mouth waffles. Leslie Knope knows what she is talking about, when she says that out of the three most important things in life, waffles, friends, and work, waffles must always come first.

America, sweet, sweet, diabetes causing America: I’m hungry.

Forever Yours,

The Hungry Travelsmith

One thought on “Dear America, I’m Hungry: A Love Letter

  1. davidstinnett says:

    Hey my girl I love your blog. Yes after awhile you do miss certain things from America. I’m surprised you haven’t found any good Chinese food. I remember having great Chinese food there. But it may be because we always went to very expensive elite restaurants. The company was paying so we only went to the best. Goch is not as small as you think it is, the population is about 35,000. Certainly nothing like Edinburgh or Berlin or even SantaRosa. I always thought it was just the right size for me. LOVEPAPA 

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