Turn to Page Seven

Breaking News: I, Myriah Smith, am a published author!

Well… sort of…

A little while ago, my MSP Rhoda grant gave me the opportunity to write a post for her blog about tackling gender inequality and achieving an end to violence against women. Right up my area, this budding feminist went wild, writing a passionate and well edited dialog. While I realized my obvious passion might be problematic, Rhoda did not seem to think so, and approved the post straight away. Already, my heart wanted to explode from pride at the idea my writing would be featured on Rhoda’s blog. Even though it would go under her name, I would have the satisfaction of knowing I wrote it.

And now, just Yesterday, a newspaper came into the office. All gung ho to simply add it to the stack of papers to dump on Rhoda’s desk, I noticed that on the front page, there was a note saying Rhoda had an article on page seven. Suddenly I remembered the assistant, Eva, mentioning how she would try submitting the post I wrote to Third Force News to see if they were interested. I hadn’t thought much about it at the time, and since it was not mentioned again, at this point had completely forgotten about it. However, it was now staring at me plain as day.

Shocked, I turned to page seven with shaking hands, to find the article I had written. Word for word, it was there, printed on a newspaper that was delivered to all of Scotland. Rhoda happened to walk in as I was looking at it, and giving me a pat on the shoulder, she said “Well done, you should keep that newspaper.”

I did. Once I get home, it is going in a frame that I will hang on my wall for all to see.

Everything about this entire experience became worth it at seeing that. For even though the article was not written under my name, I know it was me, and I now know what my writing is capable of. And for that, anything and everything is worth it.


The Travelsmith

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