Hello… It’s Me…

Hello… It’s me… *Cuts into Adele*

It has been awhile. When I came back from Scotland, I didn’t really know how to approach this blog anymore. The traveling smith was no longer traveling, and I was ready to return to my normal routine of spending time with family and intensively studying for my classes. However, after a very long hiatus, I am ready to resume blogging.

What will this blog be about?

To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure. I went back and forth on different things that I could spin it into. But at the end of the day, I think I’m just going to slowly but surely transform it into a place for me to write about the various things I have passions and interests in, traveling and other cultures being one of them.

Since my adventure days have been over, I’ve been hungry for more. I constantly crave the beautiful buildings of Europe, and dream about a time when I can walk along the cobblestones again. But my heart wants even more, and I hope to one day travel even further, and reach the, what seems, far off lands of Africa and Asia, and wherever else my budget can one day send me.

Being an International Relations major, and one with a strong interest in traveling and exploring other cultures at that, having a place to put all that energy could turn into a constructive and enjoyable thing, while hopefully also generating good reading content. If you liked my rambling Scottish tales, then stay tuned and keep reading. The stories may not longer take place while I’m in Scotland, but believe me you, they will be just as random, funny, and thoughtful.

My life may be a bit more stagnant now that it was a few months ago, but things for this travelsmith are still changing, and great stories will come as a result of it.


The Travelsmith

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