Skin Care Tips for the Frequent Traveler

Growing up, I never had perfect skin. I always had a blemish or two, a bit of discoloration, and bounced back and forth between oily and dry patches of skin. In the past few years, I found a skin care routine that worked for me and helped me maintain, for the most part, the porcelain doll-like skin I craved.

When I began traveling, I knew that I would not be able to bring my whole skin care regime with me. A carry on luggage can only hold so many bottles of three once liquids and creams, and I also did not want to risk lugging around an army of products. That said, it was also very important to me that I do everything I could to keep my skin healthy and blemish free. I wanted to feel beautiful and confident while I explored Europe, and look back on the pictures I took fondly, rather than examining my face for potential flaws.

I am happy to saw that I kept my skin healthy and clear during my travels. After doing a little research and some trial and error, I crafted my own skin care essentials bag: a carry on approved amount of three once or under liquids.

  • Moisturizer: The first and most important thing I packed was a moisturizer. I knew that my skin would go through a lot, between air travel and being exposed to different climate conditions, it needed to stay moisturized. I picked a light moisturizer that I could use morning and evening, but with some SPF to keep my skin protected as well.
  • Cleanser: I also decided to bring a cleanser, or face wash, with me. While this could be replaced with some cleansing face wipes, I chose to bring a small amount of my cleanser in a travel sized bottle. The cleanser had been instrumental to helping keep my skin clear, and it also helped me feel clean and refreshed after a long day of either flying or exploring.
  • Lip balm: No one wants chapped lips. Whether for taking a selfie in front of the Lourve, or trying to painlessly eat a salted soft pretzel, having healthy hydrated lips is a must. A tinted lip balm is also a great trick for adding some color without the risk of packing your favorite lipstick or gloss.

Those are my three must-haves in terms of skin care while traveling. Of course, a few extras can always be added.

An eye cream would be a great addition to the skin care bag of any traveler. Between catching flights and long days of exploring, the eyes go through a lot. Spoiling them with an eye cream would not only protect them from the stress of traveling, but also help them look more awake and radiant in any pictures too.

A spot treatment could also be a worthwhile addition, especially to any traveler, like myself, who is prone to a pimple or two when put into unfamiliar environments. Placing a little product during a flight could help prevent any problem areas from acting up once it came time to roam about a new city. A fast acting spot treatment is especially great, because it could easily be wiped off, leaving you ready to go without delay.

The most important thing I found to maintain a beautiful complexion while traveling is to drink lots of water and not gorge on sweets. It is so easy to eat only treats. I definitely indulged in my fair share of scones and cakes. But making sure to eat healthy foods every once in a while during your travels will not only provide more energy, but help keep the skin looking clear and radiant as well.


The Travelsmith

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