About the Author

“A nomad I will remain for life, in love with distant and uncharted places” – Isabelle Eberhart 

Myriah Smith OL Bio PictureHello there! I am Myriah, the mind, the soul, and the traveler behind “The Traveling Smith.” I am the true product of a multiracial family: I love to travel, learn languages, have a strong passion for human rights, and am very interested in other cultures.

A volunteer trip to El Salvador in high school sparked both my travel bug and desire to help people on an international scale, and since then I have constantly been looking for ways to keep both part of my life. At university, I majored in International Relations and studied Spanish, French, and German. I also completed an internship with the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh and traveled around Europe. After graduation, I volunteered at a NGO in Cambodia and traveled in Thailand for five months. Now I work for a grant-making foundation in San Francisco, attempt learn Hebrew in my spare time, and am participating in a social justice fellowship. (I am also good at writing about my accomplishments in a way that makes me sound very impressive and interesting even though most nights I am just eating oatmeal alone in my room).

This blog contains stories about my travels, as well as other nuggets of information. Please take a look around, read a story or two, and click the follow button. Or don’t. But why not? It’s free.