About the Author

“A nomad I will remain for life, in love with distant and uncharted places” – Isabelle Eberhart 

Hello there! I am Myriah, the mind, the soul, and the traveler behind “The Traveling Smith.” IMG_20150629_121602

Throughout my life, an intensely multicultural heritage blessed me with the ability to grow up exploring a plethora of cultures and traditions. Stories of India, Israel, Germany and so many more far off lands existed as a part of my reality, rather than places others read about in books. These stories, however, only served as temporary placeholders. Soon a desire to see, explore, and experience the worlds formerly resigned as parts of my ancestry grew deep within my bones.


Me in El Salvador

As I grew older, this want to travel the world first manifested as a passion for other cultures and human rights. During my high school years, I made immense personal efforts to not only support, but actively advocate for and take part in human rights issues. I also began my travels of the world, completing a volunteer trip to El Salvador in 2011.

After my short stint abroad, the addiction was officially born. I emerged even more passionate about other cultures and even more determined to see the world. When the time came for me to go to college, I chose a university that allowed me to declare a major in International Relations with a focus in “People and Nationalities,” so that I could even further learn about the culture and lands that captivated me. My entire educational career, academic and otherwise, has thus far focused on culture, travel, human rights, and other international aspects; with a splash of leadership and computer skills for good measure.

Me in Scotland with friends

In the fall of 2015, I boarded a fourteen hour flight to Edinburgh, Scotland and interned at the Scottish Parliament for four months. My time in the Athens of the North only confirmed my love of travel, international politics, and other cultures. When I came back to the United States in December and returned to my normal life, something felt wrong. I graduated from university with honors and started a job, but none of these things made me happy. I finally realized that I was not ready to resume a normal life, and needed to return to being the “travelsmith” rather than a working one.

In February, I will travel to Cambodia for six months. My time will be spent teaching english, volunteering at a local NGO, and experiencing everything the country has to offer. Feel free to help me fund my adventure: Click to Donate Now!

Among other things, I will strive to weave a web of tales, documenting my time in the Kingdom of Wonder. Should you feel so inclined, stick around, explore, and keep up to date with the happenings of this budding Travelsmith.