How to Travel Abroad

The process of going abroad, though endlessly exciting, holds the potential to be a frightening, lengthy, and complicated process.

“Adventure yeah, I guess that’s what you call it when everybody comes back alive.” – Mercedes Lackey

However: it does not have to be one.

During my preparations for traveling to Scotland, I experienced enough stress and anxiety that, if transformed into a tranquilizer, could knock out not one, not two, but a medium sized army of horses. I also went slightly bald in the process – only half kidding…

In addition to inheriting the hairline of my grandfather, I also learned massive amounts about the process of going abroad.

This section of “How to Travel Abroad,” I give a home to all the knowledge and “wisdom” I have gained about the pre departure process, in an attempt to help others (perhaps even you, dear reader) in their own traveling adventures.

Please sit down, sip on a cup of tea, and take notes should you feel the need.

I sincerely hope the stresses of my experience depart onto you enough knowledge so that you too do not deprive the earth of another medium sized army of horses.

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